Operating Systems

Operating SystemsWe are aware that many IT companies specialise in one area of computing. What separates Octopus Computers from the rest is our ability to support you with multiple operating systems, including:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple OS
  • Google Android
  • Linux
  • Citrix to name but a few of the platforms we work in.

We have in-depth expertise in working with these platforms.  But more importantly, we have great expertise at getting them to talk to each other and work seamlessly. Our team are comfortable with both systems and maintain a high level of expertise in both systems.  We know that it does not have to be a nightmare, but we can provide you with a real benefit when the systems are set up correctly.

We have the knowledge and expertise, not just to enable your Windows and Apple Macintosh Computers talk to each other and share information and printers, but also the other systems listed above. It is becoming more common now for businesses to have mixed systems with a mix of PCs and Macs.  The frustration of these businesses is often getting them to work together, which is a real problem unless they are correctly configured.

Most IT companies specialise in one or the other – with Octopus Computers you get the complete solution with expertise in both.  If you are interested in our ability to integrate computers using different operating systems, then please get in touch or call 01572 724 185.