He started ranting about “click bait” but you’ll never believe what happened next!

We’ve all seen these right? Flooding our social media with their ever disappointing content just to generate traffic to their website. But here’s the thing, I’m wise to click bait. I know exactly what it is, how it works etc. AND I STILL CLICK ON THE LINKS. I can’t help myself, it’s like a compulsion. I know it’ll be nonsense, mundane and most irritating of all I will believe it. I’ll never be “shocked”, number 3 won’t be out of this world and it won’t change my life.

So I click the link and read the article, or usually list of mundane “funny” things, just in case. FOMO (fear of missing out) is quite real on social media and heaven forbid somebody asked me if I’d seen such-and-such and I said no. The horror. We all click on these links “just in case”. Just in case its true, it shocks us, changes our life or becomes a true talking point at a dinner party or social event (offline of course).

But this “just in case” mentality isn’t present in all things. If it were, people would be backing up data, locking down their security and putting the phone down on these phishing scammers (I keep going on about).

I often liken a cloud back up of data to car insurance. If car insurance wasn’t a legal requirement, how many people out there would have it just in case they crashed? Very few I bet, because “it won’t happen to me”. We assume that these worst case scenarios happen to other people, not us. We’re luckier, safer, atypical. Whatever it is, we are the exception and not the norm. Be honest, if you didn’t have to would you take the insurance? Do you know somebody who wouldn’t?

The truth is accidents happen, and ignoring the “just in case” can really cause problems down the line. Lightning can strike, thing go wrong, accidents do happen and data can be lost.

If somebody walked into your office today, and walked out with your laptop right now, what would you lose? What are the implications? With our cloud solutions, data is backed up in real time to prevent data loss. In case of hardware failure or loss, we can supply a new machine and have you back up and running in a few hours. Better still, in an office environment, you can shrug your shoulders and just carry on working on a different computer with all of your data still there.

Its invaluable. The ultimate data insurance. But how many have it?

Do you believe in just in case? You can almost see the next post “He warned his customers to take a Cloud backup but you’ll never believe what they were caught doing!”