Get your head into the clouds

It used to be said that the internet has become a database full of cat pictures and adult… things. But not anymore! Clever people all over the world (far smarter than me anyway) have managed to finally put all this connectivity and resource to good use; and it really works.

Before I joined Octopus I worked at a company which used traditional server computing, which was fine when it was all working and when I was in the office. However, life never proved that tidy. More often than not I was on the road meeting clients all over the country and when I was there, almost without fail, they would request something which would mean a trip back to the office to put on a USB stick only to return to the client again.

When I wasn’t on the road I had to battle with sick children (toddlers seem to have the ability to contract anything!) meaning I would have to work from home while they recovered. But how could I work from home when all my files were based in the office? Remote connections were slow and cumbersome. The struggle was real.

Now that I’m living in the cloud I’ve never been freer to roam around. I’m actually writing this in a coffee shop in Stamford, safe in the knowledge that it’s being instantly backed up over the WiFi to my virtual server. I can see it in action, actually watching the file appear on my phone before my eyes. It sounds nerdy but those things really make me smile.

Cloud computing is here to stay and it’s unavoidable. You’re probably using it in some guise already without even realising it; iCloud on your phone, internet banking, even your use of Facebook. Facebook is actually a great example of cloud computing to help you understand the key benefits it could offer:

  1. You can access it anywhere
  2. You can access it on any device
  3. It’s shared with anybody you want to share with
  4. It’s backed up forever more

For our cloud customers we generally install what is known as a “hybrid cloud”. This means that not only do you get all of the great benefits above but you can even access your files offline! That’s right, the biggest issue with cloud computing can now be overcome too; and our customers love the flexibility it offers.

If you’ve any interest in the cloud please get in touch. It will save your business time, money and efficiency and can be implemented within a week.