Home Control

Turn on the heating before you get home? Control your house alarm from your phone or maybe dimming the lights from your iPad? We know how. Pick up the phone and find out how we can digitise your home swiftly and securely.

Personal Computing

Everybody’s got one, but most people aren’t using them to their full potential. Let us help streamline your personal computing, either setting up a brand new machine for you or tuning up your existing tech we want to make sure that you’re always online, secure and happy

Mobile Devices

Phones, Kindles, Tablets, Netbooks and Smart Watches – nowadays we’ve all got some form of technology with us while we’re out and about. Whether you need some objective advice about what’s best for you, or if you need help with what you’re already using we can help.

Emergency Support

We’ve all been there; from the suspicious website to the fabled blue screen of death. We work as your safety net, ready to catch you and your technology should it ever fail. The best thing you can do when it goes wrong? Call us straight away for no obligation advice 07434 128 097. If we can help you over the phone without any cost, we will. We truly want happy customers, so for us it’s all about getting everybody better as efficiently as possible.

Media Systems

A media system is a modern day essential. Want to play music in the kitchen and living room at the same time, sharing your photographs with friends and family or perhaps streaming ‘strictly come dancing’ on iPlayer. There is a plethora of hardware and software which can make your digital content better, smoother to run and easier to use every day.


We all want to be connected, and as the technology develops so the dependency we place on our devices communicating correctly grows. From internet issues to Bluetooth speakers we’ve got IT covered.

The “Internet of Things”

This is the next trend to watch, and if you’ve heard of it there’s a good reason why. The dream is full inter-connectivity of everything with a microchip in it and the revolution is just around the corner!
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