Why social media is anything but, and why you still have to use it…

It is an ever present frustration for many companies that everybody seems to harp on about how they have to use social media to promote their business. I’m not going to sway from that line either by the way, so-called “social” media is a must for promoting your company in an ever-changing digital landscape. That […]

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What does a slow PC cost you?

We did some maths! The results were quite scary… From the start here let’s be very clear; with today’s technology 99% of users should not need to wait for a computer. You shouldn’t have to wait an inordinate amount of time after booting up just for it to “settle down”. You should never be using […]

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Do e-mails rule your life?

  I was speaking with an IT director recently from a large consultancy firm in Yorkshire. We were, of course, waxing lyrical about all the nerdy things which inherently rule our lives when he asked me a question; “Do you think e-mail will be obsolete soon?”. I was quite surprised by the question, primarily because […]

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