Is Microsoft Office right for you?

I’ll be honest; this one is quite a nerdy one. However, it’s important. Software is one of the biggest costs which companies incur and too often decisions are made on gut reaction, hear-say and my personal favourite of “we’ve always done it that way”. I’m fortunate (I guess) in that I get to take an […]

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Get your head into the clouds

It used to be said that the internet has become a database full of cat pictures and adult… things. But not anymore! Clever people all over the world (far smarter than me anyway) have managed to finally put all this connectivity and resource to good use; and it really works. Before I joined Octopus I […]

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Microsoft and Apple

One thing I’m often asked, given how many devices we work with, is which is better; Microsoft or Apple, Mac or Windows, Bill or Tim? It’s a difficult question for me personally as my household is split right down the middle. I’ve always held the belief that Windows are work machines and Apple are play […]

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